europlast πλαστικα δοχεια

Some words about us…


With over 25 years of experience in plastic packaging and cheese making tools, loyal in the field of food and especially cheese and dairy industry, we hold a specialized series of products concerning the equipment of small as well as vertical integrated units.

Due to the direct contact we keep up with our customers, our products are designed with the guidance of the finest of the professional field achieving the design of ergonomically and innovational products.

Our specialized and innovative products, which we always design by studying the needs of the milk processing industry, have established us in the consiousness of our customers, as the most specialized company in the field of cheese, both in Greece and abroad.

We export to countries with advanced technology, such as USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, FRANCE, GERMANY, DENMARK, ENGLAND, IRELAND, CYPRUS, BALKAN COUNTRIES up to CHILE.

All of our products are manufactured only with primary raw materials, Polypropylene PP Co –Polyethylene PE, certified for direct food contact. EUROPLAST complies with the EU requirements and regulations for food safety handling.

”..with over 25 years of experience”

Fully Reusable

100% Recyclable




Plastic packaging reduces food waste in trade. It avoids losses during transport and storage, protects products against spoilage or damage, it ensures quality and hygiene. Tamper-evident seals protect against product theft and counterfeits.


Europlast packaging is completely drainable and reliably reusable. If the product is used up, the packaging can be made further use of in various fields of application. Household, garage, farming, etc.


We place great importance on the fact that the plastics we use are 100% recyclable.
Europlast packaging and tools are produced from primary Polypropylene Copolymer or Polyethylene. Our products can be used completely in the material cycle and can be reused as recyclables without losing relevant technical quality.
After use, emptied packaging is to be returned to the material cycle and not to be thrown away randomly.