Ripening Container for 16kg White Cheese in Brine



Closure                             Lid
Handle                              No
Available Grid                 Yes 00000008
Tamper-Evident Seal     No
Material                            PE
Standard Color                White
Product Applications     Dairy and cheese products

πλαστικα δοχεια πλαστικα δοχεια πλαστικα δοχεια πλαστικα δοχεια
230×230 mm 222×222 mm 350 mm 19 Lt

Dimensions listed are internal.

Necessary container for the application of dry salting, for the maturation and storage of white cheese in brine. Rectangle with zero conicity to avoid curd deformation. Accompanied by a grid for cheese dipping in brine to avoid spoilage of the final product. Made of PE certified for food packaging and especially for contact with dairy products. Due to its high durability it can be reused for many years.

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